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small spring
  • small sprung


    Small sprung is made from the smallest of three coaxial springs used in train suspension, found near my studio after a train derailment.

    The body is old pine from a demolished house.  The coiled cord was from a broken broiler I found on the street.

    The spring makes nice shadows.

    • details

      - one of a kind

      - standard bulb socket

      - tall incandescent bulb included

      - both incandesent and LED replacement bulbs are easily found

      - rotaty switch on rear of base

      - 14 X 4 X 4 inches

      - 1.8 pounds





      1.7 pound

      - 14 X 4 X 7

      - switch in back

      - one of a kind

      - includes tall incandescent bulb



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