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hearth, series one
  • hearth, series one


    Hearth is a series of 102 lamps made from 21 different kinds of heater elements I found around New Orleans after Katrina.  These fragile ceramic objects, found in gas space heaters, are catalysts: they burn some of the byproducts of natural gas combustion.  They glow orange in the process.

    Using these elements and found wood, these lights duplicate the changing glow of the space heaters.  Although there is an on/off switch in the back, unlike the heaters they mimmic, they can be left on all the time (they use only a tiny bit of electricity).  The lights dim as the ambient lignt of the room dims, making them good to fall aseep to.

    They are available in 21 different element designs and three different wood types.  

    • details

      - series of 102 lamps

      - 7' fabric power cord and USB power supply included

      - power switch on rear

      - ceramic elements are VERY DELICATE

      - 10" high X 6" wide X 4.5" deep

      - 1.8 pounds

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